According to German police, Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz took the controls of the Airbus A320 and locked out the aircraft’s captain. He then set it to crash on the French Alpine Mountains, where all 150 passengers and crew of the Germanwings flight had met their end.

Meanwhile, police haven’t secured a motive as to why the 27-years-old pilot would take the entire plane on his hands.

After the French Prosecutors’ announcement of the analysis, almost every international airline had changed their rules to require a second crew member to be in the cockpit at all times. The United States has made this compulsory. European countries have not made the rule compulsory until today.

Canada has required all its airlines to comply with the new safety rules. Easyjet, Norwegian Air Shuttle and Air Berlin complied immediately after the prosecutors’ announcement.

Germanwings Parent Lufthansa CEO is yet to discuss the new rules with other leaders in the industry. He believed the rule was unnecessary. However, social media had placed pressure on the company.

Despite his probable actions, Lubitz was not a terrorist, according to German and French officials. He was a young man who had a good physical and mental health and had no sign of inducing harm for others.

However, the intent to destroy the aircraft was clear. The rapid descent of the vehicle showed the crash was a voluntary act.

Thousands of people from the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe will come together in their country’s respective shrines to commemorate the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Auschwitz is well-known for being the “heart” of the holocaust, which had killed millions of lives in the name of unethical research during WWII. 2015’s Holocaust Memorial Day marks the camp’s 70th year of liberation.

The event will be attended by senior politicians, dignitaries and religious leadrs. Survivors of the holocaust will also be joining the national commemoration in central London.

Around 70 candles created by Sculptor Anish Kapoor will be lit across the United Kingdom. The candles represent each year the Nazi concentration camp in Poland had been liberated.

One of these candles will also be lit at Auschwitz itself.

Meanwhile, all over the UK, events would be held in Shetland, Outer Hebrides, Truro and Northern Ireland and Wales. Authorities estimate that 1,000 guests will attend the event in Central London.

Guests will be hearing speeches, watch actual documentation of the Nazi camp.

Olivia Marks-Woldman, chief executive of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, said: “The theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2015 is ‘keep the memory alive’. It is vital that we all remember and reflect upon the horrors of the past and honour those who survived. On Holocaust Memorial Day we remember for a purpose, we learn from the past and consider how we can help build a better future.”


European Union lawmakers are largely in favour of having Google broken up by anti-trust regulators. This is the latest in the series of setbacks for the world’s most popular search engine.

Google has been in the EU’s hotseat since 2010 because of its privacy issues, the refusal to curb search results, copyright concerns and tax controversies.

German Conservative Lawmaker and co-sponsor of the bill Andreas Schwab said that the number of lawmakers in favour of breaking up the tech giant is a signal to the European Commission.

“Monopolies in whatever market have never been useful, neither for consumers nor for the companies,” he said.

Schwab said he had nothing against Google and was a regular user. “I use Google every day,” he said.

Google has not commented on the statement. Meanwhile, European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said she will review and talk to complainants about the case before they decide on the next step.

Meanwhile, several European politicians criticised the proposal.

“Parliament should not be engaging in anti-Google resolutions, inspired by a heavy lobby of Google competitors or by anti-free market ideology, but ensure fair competition and consumer choice,” said lawmaker Sophie in’t Veld from the Parliament’s ALDE liberal group.

The Computer and Communications Industry Association, a lobby group made up of Google, eBay, Facebook, Microsoft and Samsung, said that unbundling Google was an “extreme and unworkable solution.”


Al-Qaeda linked terrorist group Nusra Front together with other Syrian rebel factions launched attacks against Syrian army checkpoints, police headquarters and the governor’s office in Northwestern Syria Monday. The clash had left 35 Syrian troops and rebels dead in Idlib.


Syrian rebels are gaining ground against the Syrian regime. The rebels have taken over villages and towns in strategic locations to launch guerilla tactics and gain a foothold of government bases and armories. Syrian forces were powerless against the surprise attacks.


According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the Syrian military is facing difficulty handling the Nusra Front and simultaneous checkpoint attacks. Working with a network of Syrian activists inside the country, the observatory noted that Nusra Front suicide bombers have targeted regime forces to lower their numbers.


Activist Asad Kanjo said that the attacks morally defeated many Syrian regime soldiers. According to Activists, policemen aided rebels in entering the governor’s office.


Mastoumeh Hill in the Idlib Province was also overtaken. Syrian helicopters had targeted the sight. The skirmish left 15 rebels and 20 soldiers dead.


In the province of Deir al-Zour, a car bomb exploded near an Islamic State-run hospital, which killed four people and a child.


Meanwhile, fighting has intensified in Kobane where Syrian Kurdish fighters are defending the strategic town from the hands of the Islamic State.


the military audience in Florida, US President Barack Obama promised that recent actions against ISIS will not involve sending ground troops to the front lines. After Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin E. Dempsey recommended sending ground troops, Obama replied with a responding “no” to the possibility.

Currently, the more than 400 military advisers in Iraq will be sufficient to deal with the threat of ISIS. These military advisers assess the strengths and weaknesses of the Iraqi and the Kurdish Peshmerga forces and outfit them with the weapons and supplies provided by supporting nations. These advisers can also call in airstrikes from US air fighters and drones.

Airstrikes do not count as a front combat role, but rather a supporting role The White house official policy insisted that Dempsey’s recommendations were in line with a narrow definition of combat that overlooks the lines of combat in the field.

“I want to be clear. The American Forces that have been deployed to Iraq do not, and will not have a combat mission. They will support Iraqi forces on the ground as they fight for their own country against these terrorists” Obama said in a gymnasium at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida.

US Secretary of State John Kerry had also said that US troops will not play a combat role in Iraq. He said before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that coalition members agreed to help in other ways, such as cutting off funding for the Islamic State, stopping the number of recruits flying in to support the combat efforts and providing humanitarian aid.


French President Francois Hollande is now deep with his government in the biggest political crisis in France as the government has failed after austerity talks have failed. According to The Elysee, Hollande has commissioned Prime Minister Manuel Valls to create a new government to address the situation.

Arnaud Montebourg and Education Minister Benoit Hamon of the Socialist party have criticised the government’s economic policies and its effectiveness in addressing France’s economic stagnancy early this year.

According to Montebourg, France’s economic crisis was a result of erroneous political decisions regarding austerity policies extending the economic crisis. It is due to the stubbornness of the French government and other European countries about austerity measures that had left economic troubles in other areas of the country.

Meanwhile, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi had encouraged countries to boost demands for their products and go away from austerity to reviving the growth of economies. He said policymakers were ready to add monetary stimulus to save Europe’s economy.

The euro bloc is facing great deficits after unemployment remained high a few months after the growth post-euro zone crisis. With high unemployment, Europe remains fragile to economic recession, with Germany and France reaching economic stagnancy with economies contracting by 1%


A Malaysian Airlines flight en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was downed by the Ukraine Military, according to Pro-Russian Rebels in Ukraine. The Commercial Boeing 777 had crash-landed into the Ukrainian war zone. According to Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, the disaster was “deeply shocking” and he pushed that preliminary investigation into the case should not be hindered.

Prime Minister Razak also said that it has become a “tragic year” for Malaysia, with two Malaysian Airline flights having been lost to external forces. The MH370, which continues to be missing, have international efforts concentrating on continued surveillance and survey of areas the flight could have crash-landed.

The flight was carrying more than 300 passengers, with 154 Dutch, 27 Australians, 43 Malaysians including its crew, 12 Indonesians, nine British Nationals and three Filipinos. Other nationalities, including Germans, Belgians and Canadians, have numbers unaccounted as of yet.

According to political analysts, the situation in Ukraine could get worse and may push the US to consider better military action to isolate Russia, already pounded with international sanctions for annexing Crimea and covertly supporting Pro-Russian militants with high-grade arms.

Early investigations suspect that the airline was shot with a rocket from the Ukraine warzone and it crash landed immediately upon impact on one of the engines of the aircraft.


The Iraq Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari had publicly asked the United States for air attacks against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), who have captured the largest Iraqi Oil Refinery and are tightening their grip on the facility. The Foreign Minister appeared on the al-Arabiya television to plea for the support of the United States.

The ISIS militants had seized the Baiji refinery, located between the ISIS-captured cities of Mosul and Tikrit in the northern part of Iraq, on Wednesday. Iraqi soldiers have held out against the rebels along with foreign security contractors. Plant employees have been evacuated to Baghdad, Iraq’s capital. The capital is also increasing its security measures to defend against the militants.

The loss of Baiji would mean a great economic loss for Iraq, and the biggest shame of the Iraqi military as it had lost 50,000 soldiers the previous week by summary execution.

The Obama administration is still considering their military options. However, General Martin Dempsey had said that the US military’s intelligence gathering is still incomplete. If a US air strike happens, it could be a costly error if the information received is still inadequate for the operation.

Iraqi drone activity and strikes have increased as requested by the Iraqi government. Most of Iraq’s remaining troops have come from militias, many Shia volunteers.

Meanwhile, the United States is asking for Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to resign, as it may defuse the situation.


The UK had helped in a huge rescue operation to save hundreds of high school children boarding a sinking South Korean passenger as half the ship began to sink into the sea on Wednesday. More than two people were killed and a more than a dozen passengers were wounded during the ordeal.

Different coastline securities have sent out dozens of boats, helicopters and divers to save the 470-people passenger boat. The 325 students were part of a school trip. The ferry was sailing to the southern island of Jeju when it began to transmit a distress call after the ship began leaning to one side.

At least 95% of the ship had been submerged during the aftermath of the disaster.

No details about the reasons why the ferry sunk or the conditions of other passengers had been relayed to the media. A student said that he jumped into the ocean with other students wearing a life jacket as they headed towards rescue boats. They tripped and bumped into each other during the ordeal.

According to the student, they felt the need to hurry as the water was cold and that they needed to survive.


Russian President Vladimir Putin had placed the first steps to integrating Crimea with Russia as signs a decree on Monday regarding Crimea as sovereign and not part of Ukraine. The decree had effected immediately and Moscow now considers Crimea as independent of Ukraine’s constitution.

Crimea’s leaders have also seceded from Ukraine with a vote considered illegal by Ukraine, the EU and the United States. The Crimean Parliament had also asked Russia to consider it as the Republic of Crimea as its new subject.

Ukraine’s leaders said that they will not accept Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Ukraine President Oleksandr Turchynov said that his government will focus on resolving the crisis in a diplomatic matter. He also said, “we offer peace, and Russia offers war”.

UK’s Foreign Secretary William Hague had also expressed his disappointment in Russia and he still insisted Crimea is still a part of Ukraine.

Russia said that it is “proud to be sanctioned” by the western world. According to Putin’s aid Vladislav Surkov, he considers the decision of the Washington administration as a recognition of his service to Russia. The US had now singled out 11 individuals banned for travel and with frozen assets in the country.

The EU had also announced sanctions for 21 Russian individuals. EU International Policy Chief Catherine Ashton announced sanctions against 21 people who “undermine or threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.”